The SmartBoycott Strategy

The Problem:

Our nation and world are in crisis. And right now, we are collectively financing the GOP, Trump financiers, climate change, racism, sexism, and unethical corporations through our purchases with billions of dollars per year. We're basically giving them an ocean of cash every year with which to steal elections and wreck the world in countless ways. We need a new, easy, & effective way to boycott the numerous companies that finance these things. We cannot realistically expect these catastrophic problems to stop as long as we are financing them with immense amount of money ourselves.

The Solution:

Instead of just trying to memorize the thousands of companies we need to boycott, we need an online buying guide that simply excludes all unethical, sexist, racist, pro-Trump, pro-GOP financiers, and includes only the most ethical, progressive, fair-trade, environmentally friendly – for every kind of item one could want. Then we need to promote this directory far and wide, as efficiently & effectively as possible.

So Imagine This:

  • An effortless way for countless people to boycott ALL unethical suppliers, 24-7-365, every time they buy something.

  • Unethical suppliers losing BILLIONS of dollars per year with which to trash our world, support the GOP, and steal elections.

  • The most ethical, progressive suppliers having billions more per year to expand & to compete against unethical companies

  • Drastically less money for the GOP Agenda, Fox News propaganda, sexists, racists, homophobes, and anti-environmentalists

  • Dramatically more money for progressive candidates, progressive causes, and groups of all kinds working to make the world a better place.


Literally billions of people across the world are financing the things oppressing them, and the worst things in the world, through their purchases. It is essential that we stop this. But it's not going to happen through traditional boycotting, which requires memorizing countless companies to boycott, and countless companies to buy from. What we need is a buying directory that automatically boycotts ALL oppressive, unethical companies, and supports only the most ethical & most progressive companies, that people can use effortlessly. Then we need to promote this directory to people everywhere, using the most efficient & effective methods, in order to build massively powerful boycotts against all unethical suppliers.

Boycotts work. They are one of the most powerful tools of nonviolent change that we have. It's time we get serious about boycotting, build this buying guide, and promote it to everyone who is oppossed to Trumpism, the GOP, sexism, racism, catastrophic climate change, economic injustice, hate crimes, homophobia, stolen elections, and unethical behavior in general.

If you want to see this become a reality -- if you want to see the world getting better instead of worse -- then please:

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